Date: 5/23/2017

By JayJayLin

I was at a luxurious resort hotel in Cancun with some of my classmates. My friends and I spent a short while browsing blue swimsuits in the gift shop before heading to the pool changing room. Outside of the changing room, a black-hooded man handed me a suspicious envelope. Inside was a piece of red paper that said: "Viva la Revolucion" and the backside had a hotel room number. Somehow, I interpreted that as a message to kill whoever was in that room. Seeking adventure, I ditched my friends and walked away to take the elevator to Room 2005 (I don't exactly remember the #)? There was a huge crowd near the elevator, which irritated me. For some reason after touching the red card, I was able to run really fast and jump super high, so I leapt across floors and bounded up the stairs to Floor 2000. A group of black watchdogs chased after me. Apparently I wasn't allowed to jump and run super fast in the hotel, so the security tried to apprehend me. Finally, I lost the dogs and located Room 2005, which was oddly the only room on the floor with a red door. With letter in hand, I knocked on the door. Somehow, I felt confident enough to kill the person with my bare hands, so I didn't bring any weapon with me. When the door opened however, I was suddenly thrust into a top-down view of the room and I saw an elegantly dressed woman stand up from a couch facing away from the entrance. She was covered in fox furs and wore heavy purple makeup. When she spoke, a dialogue box appeared in my vision like a video game. She shouted something about Communism being dead, pointed a gun at my face, and shot at me, but the gun turned itself around and shot her instead.