The world was frozen

Date: 7/24/2017

By TwentieToo

This dream I think had a lot to it and I don't remember most of it. But I was at my grandparents house. It was different though. It looked like the greenhouse in Harry Potter at night in the middle of winter. It was very creepy and dark and cold. A lot of family was there. Then there's a next part where a person, I'm not sire if I was them, if I was watching them like it was a movie, or if I was just myself and riding with them. But they were in this very small car that was very close to the ground. The world around us was frozen, or at least moving so slow we didn't notice. We had this car and swerved through the heavy traffic. Then there's a next part, where me and two other people, a girl and a guy, are wearing robes. They looked like graduation robes. We speed walked down a hallway and came to the room. It was a big courtroom. There were four separate doors and we chose the very last one, the very farthest one. We speed walked up the stairs and sat at a very long table where there were, I want to say, students. I think we were taking a quiz. It was about animals. And there was a man made...creek?... in front of us, it seemed to to be about as deep as our waists, and it was filled with murky swamp water. There were lily pads and other things in it too. Then towards the end of the quiz, we saw an alligator swim down the long, straight, man made creek. I tested it to see if it would get mad. I poked my foot out at it and it didn't even blink. It passed us and we saw a guy in camouflage that looked like the water was pushing it.