Date: 7/1/2017

By BlazingStarr

I was in a large stadium and Thor was down at the bottom along with another hero doing some performance. Loki stood up and said he gained enough power to destroy them all. He then grew super tall and there was a huge explosion. When I woke up I was one of the few survivors but I was hurt and couldn't move. There was this being that gave Loki the power going to each of the living and forced them to drink a poison and if they couldn't handle it they died. If they did then they changed into these dark humans. He got to me and I drank it this status bar popped up and you could see your health rise and fall as it goes through you. I managed to survive and I got up. He told me I would serve him and the hero's would not be able to effect me. So I walked out into the city and I was taken into a facility that was set up to help survivors and there were a few others like me within it. Sadly woke up to my alarm at this point.