Weird Vivid nightmare

Date: 9/22/2019

By EmoEventer

So this is a 3 part dream, first I was at my church and everyone there was from RCS I was sitting in a chair and I started flying/ falling backwards I kept saying “ I’m not falling guys I promise” then when I stopped falling I was in my bedroom and this little girl with dark black hair and bangs covering her eyes was saying in a creepy tone “ help me, you will be going soon, you will be going” she kept giggling and teleporting to be next to me when I tried to run. But I fell asleep in my dream and woke with my mom telling me “ you need to walk your dog up to the mailbox” it was 3am in my dream. So I walked her up and she got hit by a red truck. A dog that looked exactly like my dog jumped out of their truck and I took that dog while They took mine ( she had a broken leg and was bleeding)