evil spirit on holiday and cows

Date: 3/5/2017

By sinny

whole family went on a holiday and we rented a holiday house. samime hala was in one room with sage after our grandmother was telling us that she could sense evil spirits in the house. so samime hala told me to stand in the kitchen with sage and she would stay in the adjacent room with sage, that way while this grandmother read out a prayer, we would both light the sage at the same time to completely expel the evil instead of having it just go to another part of the house. i was waiting for a while but hala wouldnt burn the sage and grandma wpuldnt say a prayer so i just lit mine in the kicthen but rhen got told off for doing that. the dream then morphed and i was outside at a picnic bench and we waiting for a man to come and he was apparently my uncle or my cousin and he had tea from one of our glasses. then morphed again and we were all outside in the front yard and there were kids. there was a box full on pink rubber ring stuff and liquid and i dipped one of those bubble rhings into it and started blowing bubbles for one kid. was playing with that kid. the dream morphed again and i was in a jacuzzi with a girl that looked like tammy and a guy was sitting outside laughing at us taking aelfies and photo bombbing us, he looked like reece but it was weird because they both spoke turkish. apparently we borriwed 13 cups from a different grandmother and they were missing. the dream morphed back to me playing with the kid and I was blowing even bigger bubble but he was looking after his little sister so he missing all the big ones. he left his sidter to run and pop a giant bubble but as soon as he left her she fell down from the railing/fence she was holding and he quickly ran and laid down under her so that she fell on him. then i think i got called over by a lady who looked like a mum, she was scared but she wasnt screaming. i looked in front of her and there was this weird blue plastic thing infront of her that was quite large and solid but the bottom half of the edges/the part that was touching the ground was kind of hollow sort of, instead there was this snake print. but the mother kicked in and the snake started moving, looked like a python that was that tighteninf around its prey. the mum was telling me that i need to go inside and get the sage and i think before that she was getting attacked by the snake so she couldnt move at all. I ran inside with the little boy but as we were runnijg inside he kind of grew uo and wasnt a little boy anymore. we both lit the sage and were qalking through the house with it when we saw our grandmother from before. we ran up to her and asked her what the prayer/blessing was for the house because otherwise the sage wouldnt be effective. she told us we didnt need one and that the sage was enough but i was confused because that wasnt true. the little boy grabbed me and we went into the kitchen and he had a red apple that he gave me. i tooked the apple and the grandmother came out of no where with a knife and started attacking us, the boy attacked her back and she stabbed the knife at me but it got stuck in the apple so i pulled it from her, took it out of the apple and slit her throat with it. i was freaking out but the kid just watched her bleed out and then we walked through the hall into another room which was also a kitchen and it looked exactly like the one we were in before. i started to get really confused by that and when i turned around the boy vanished and he appeared again next to the aunty from before expect she didnt look like samime hala anymore even thouhj i knew it was the same lady. they talked and told me some stuff but i dont remember and think they attacked me again because i remember pieces of the apple flying around. i think the boy gave me a smalled knife by ldging it into the apple which i took and used to cut up and eat some of the slices. then i left and went into another room and there was a lady laying on the bed. i went close and she moved her head so she was looking at me and it was the grandmother that i killed except she wasnt dead. i told her what happened and that she attacked me and should be dead and she just looked at me and asked if the lady i killed has a scar on her throat. i said i didnt remember and she said that that was an evil spirit that had used her body. the scar was from when it had died. i told her that i knew something was wrong because she wouldnt give me a prayer to bless the house. she told me one and told me to do it quick because the house was still full of evil. the whole time i could hear this buzzing noise as i was sitting next to her on rhe bed. i got really curious and kind of frustrated at what it was so i lifted the sheet around her but she stopped me and lifted it herself. her upper body was normal but when she moved the covers further down she had no legs. instead her legs were made out of bees. i got scared and jumped back and she looked at me really sadly and rolled over, the bees kept their shape and moved with her so to me it just looked like a normal body turning around. i ran back of that room and quickly burnt the sage. the dream changed again and were at a farm but it was like i was watching a tv show instead of physically being there. there were people putting up fences for cows except the cows were giant and almost double the size of the people that were gating them off. i watched them make various different sections so that each cow was confined to a different space. then they started the make 3 different fenched off areas that were seperate from the rest and they were talkjng about how it was for the grandmothers cows. the 3 cows just materialised there as the the people were finished gating them off without a problem while the othwr people finished gating off the other cows. suddenly 2 or 3 of the cows started charging toward the fence and all i could rhink of was that they should have done a better job because those were racing cows and they were going to race anyway. but the cows didnt stop racing instead they charged theough the new fence and betcause of that so did every other cow. they ran over the farmers and killed almost all of them. i was watching one lady grip onto a wooden post and try to hide her body behind it from the cows, they just touched it as they ran past so got hurt but still lived. all the farmers were running around trting to grab fhe cows and rangle them in when an alarm bell went off. they all stopped what they were doing and went into a straight line kind of like cadets in the army and then mt family walked in and asked them what was haopening and thats when i woke up