Ill- Prepared Witch Apprentice

Date: 4/6/2019

By JamieKingofDreams

It’s a gray overcast dense forest that smells of hollow fog. I don’t usually venture into this area but I was told by an elder that I had to go there. After a lot of resistance I ended up traveling into the forest. Because I spent so much time trying to get the details of this ambiguous mission, it was now night fall. I was alone and admittedly getting scared. Under my breath I was whispering about how crappy the mission was and how I wouldn’t even be able to tell what to do given the ambiguity of my instructions. That’s when I arrived at the base of a tall worn gray brick tower. It was a singular cylinder rising up toward the treetops. I used vines to climb up to the top and in through a window. I felt like it was part of my mission and realized that things would be revealed to me piece by piece. When I reach the top, the tower is empty, and echoey. There is no furniture or anything, just the rounded brick wall circling me. I Can her myself breathing which is getting heavier at this point as I feel a sudden urgency to know what should be coming next. Finally I hear footsteps approaching. Alison enters the room. She is in a dark toned long sleeve, long gothic dress. She is bright and nonchalant like she just finished cookies and tea while she waited for me to arrive. “Okay, you’re finally here. I was expecting you houurrrrrs ago. I thought you weren’t going to come and I was like oh well. But now that you’re here we need to begin training you right away. We don’t have much time before they arrive.” I am confused confused. How was she expecting me when I was even expecting myself? This was not on my calendar for the day! What training? Who was on their way where? Oh uhn uhn. So Alison Breaks it down a little more. “You have powers. Here is a tool you can use to harness them. I am your teacher. Evil people who want to overthrow good people are on the way, and they are going to challenge you out there in the woods as soon as they get here.” The scene then pans the thick of the forest where you can see a person angrily making their way through the forest in a cloak and with a green light coming from them. I start to panick I’m like, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that?! I could have been here sooner. I don’t have time to learn anything! I’m going to lose this challenge.” Alison is like oh well, and begins teaching me my first lessons by talking and making me defend myself as she batters me with magic. The people out for me arrive and call me down from the tower. With feeling of complete ill-preparedness the battle begins.