Date: 2/11/2019

By Kantz_Dreams

I am in reading class, and the bell rings to go to my next class. For some reason, I am in my junior high school with my high school teachers. I go to a hallway, where I am required to research this one paper. After I’m done, I head for the doors to head home. But, I realized that I forgot my jacket in my reading class! I run back down the junior high hallway to get to my reading class. I could see Sean in the class room. He was on the phone, saying some sexual stuff (not a sexual dream). My reading teacher gets mad, and talks to him. But I don’t stick around for the conversation. As I head outside, i see my reading teacher and tell her “I don’t know why people say stuff like that. It’s like they don’t know how to maintain a proper conversation!” With her laughing and agreeing. It is raining when we are outside as well. But, apparently my reading teacher wants me to go to the movies with her and her husband. I go along with it. The husband gets in the car, and drives us to Hollywood to get seats. I forgot what movie we were going to see. As he was in the parking lot of holly wood, he drove REALLY fast, and made me fly out of the car, even though I had a seatbelt on! He asked me if I was ok, and I said yes. We went into the theater, where we got tickets. I told my reading teachers husband that I’ll pay for my own food. Then, another kid walked through the entrance of the theater. It was a special needs kid from my school. I could see the kids mom talking to my reading teacher from outside. The kids mom just left him here. I could hear my reading teachers husband motion to the front desk “1 more ticket”. Suddenly, I asked him where the restrooms were. He said straight down and take a right. I followed his instructions, heading down the hallway which looked like a hallway of a high school. I took a right, and saw another room, a game room or something. The dream was fading out, because I had to go to school for real. I wish I became lucid. I had some other dreams of which I only remember fragments of. In one of them, I found a penny, and I said it was good luck. That’s all that I can recall.