I was lost on a friend's town

Date: 4/27/2017

By dixsilence

So I got invited to an old classmate house from highschool. It was on a hill, very wealthy. I was at his party but talked to no one, seems like nobody remembers me. I rapidly left and asked where do I get the bus, but nobody knew so I was left alone, nobody would lend me a ride, etc. I was going to downtown, after a cube I was on a long dirt path, at the sides was a line of tall trees and very poor houses, and the distance there was a park where I needed to go. After a while I saw some people running, they said there was a robbery and there was shooting. And the robbers appear in front of me and started shooting, I ran away and saw how the bullets passed near me, how they curved down​ due to gravity, an dodged every single one. So after that I knew I couldn't return so i went to a cafe near the hill. I was dressing so formal that everyone salute me. The dream changes. Now I'm on a field trip, we were walking to a old wine factory. There was a tsunami so we had to take shortcuts and run, although I never saw the water. Near the place I saw some wild parrots flying around and I shouted how many species I could count. Inside the vineyard building I went to the auditorium, it was an old theatre very wine themed. I was worried about an earthquake catching us up there. I don't remember what happened.