The penny

Date: 5/29/2017

By tezcatlipoca

I was visiting some people I used to be friends with, James and Melody. We were at a table with other people and everyone was working on some sort of project. The table was outdoors ina very colorful vidoegame land scape. It reminded me of slime rancher. James had found a penny and he showed it to me. it wasn't like any penny I had seen before. it has two dates on it, 1440 -1776 and it had an Indian head on the front. On the back it had two serial numbers. I believed that you had to add the two serial numbers together to see if it was real. James and I began bickering over the penny while I was adding the numbers up on a yellow post it note. He kept taking it from me but he would always be gazing at it which made it easy to take back. The dream ended when I finished the addition,but I don't remember what the answer was or what it meant.