D05 Lucid dream: #1

Date: 6/18/2017

By IdeasEmi

I'm not going to be all the time honest with the parts I make public (I will keep the private parts to myself). If you're ok with that keep reading. I woke up in school by doing WILD. I remembered that in order to have control of the dream I had to see how I was so I saw my silueta in a poster. I was a humanoid and I couldn't tell if I had hair. Next I tried something that I did in an accidental lucid dream: Letting myself to fall and trespassing the floor. It didn't work but neither did it hurt, my English teacher saw me doing that and she told me to go to my classroom. I was like “Nope, this is a dream.” so I looked through the windows of the two classrooms at second floor, every chair was on the table just as we left them on Friday. At third floor the Spanish teacher told me the same and she didn’t let me in, this was my first not accidental lucid dream so I didn't knew how to control people so I jumped from the stairs to the playground. I saw the girls at the forum so I went with them to explain how it was possible to jump from a third floor with no damage. (I will ask them if I can say their names) —Hello —Said a girl with curly hair —Hello, did you know that this is a dream? — —No, Why don't you start do whatever you want? — Asked other girl next to her —That's because I'm new to this, but I may learn how to control people.— I moved my arms and made spin the girl with curly hair and all of them laughed. Suddenly a guy that I hate appeared. —Hello did you know that I'm a semi god? —Ehm —Said the girls —You're right this is a dream, Isn't it? I tried to separate his body parts from him but it had no effect. I thought that he was aware that I tried to kill him so I ran to the cafeteria (which was significantly bigger) to search a weapon but a girl asked me to keep her iPad and I woke up