zombie apocalypse

Date: 4/13/2017

By Clea

There was a zombie apocalypse. the remaining survivors were split up into 4 different groups to make communication easier. First of all, the concern was that the zombies are sensitive to sounds. Despite that, everyone was so fucking loud that I had to reprimand them instead of finding a solution. Finally, I made an announcement to our squadrant emphasizing the need to be absolutely silent & they somehow listened. I ended up in 1 of the cities with a soldier to gather information and saw a group of people out in the open. Usually the zombies are inactive at night because of the cold and quiet. But the sun was already rising and I realized that these people, who were gathered around & making a fair bit of noise were waiting for their deaths. There were children in their midst, but there was nothing we could do. The soldier and I exchanged a look and carried on. We found a wall of some sort, filled with patterns and textures. Like a large sponge, there are air pockets in them meant to be a kind of message to decipher. I figured out that different sections of the sponge corresponds to different senses. E.g. frequency, tactile, sight, and an unfathomable language etched on 1 side. The soldier and I brought it back to base camp, hoping that it was a clue left behind by a previous civilization or alien life meant to help us. However, the people refuse to believe it was useful and started to panic again. Furious, I changed into battle gear and stood in front of the cube. When asked 'What are you going to do now?', my only answer was 'I am not going to die, not now, not like this. I Will not die.'.