Giant Pringles and Music Snobbery 🚆

Date: 8/12/2017

By brookethegreat

Sam and Anna were roommates. I went to visit them, but I took a while to get there because Panic! at the Disco was having a concert in the dorm building and foot traffic was cray. But I got there, and Julie was there too and we hung out and got an apartment tour. I was supposed to live there too but I had backed out. Anna said it turned out ok because we would have had to share a room and her room was tiny. It was cute though. She decorated it nicely. It was pink and frilly like a grandmother's guest room. In a good way. We talked about personalized pencils. Anna had some hot pink holographic ones. Julie said she tried to buy her some from Chanel but they were sold out. I said I was going to shoot some at her with like a nerf gun or a t shirt canon and she'd never see it coming! I went shopping for chips and walked straight into an exposeee about grocery store chip aisles. Apparently chips were always falling and breaking and it was a huge problem. The pringles tins were huge, like the size of 9 regular cans, and shaped like rounded squares. I asked if anybody wanted to go to the state fair Wednesday and people were like yeah! Then I said it was to see Dashboard Confessional and All-American Rejects and Dakota was like "ew no." I was watching a time lapse video of the entrance to a really nice subway station with mom. We saw grandpa H, dad's dad, in the footage. We thought he was dad at first. I thought it was sweet that they looked alike. Mom thought it was sad that he had to take the subway.