Semi-Sleep Paralysis? (Lucid Dream Attempt #1) [7/07/19]

Date: 7/7/2019

By BlueMoon

This is going to be a long post. And probably stupid. I’ve been delving into lucid dreaming and looking at some of the methods to induce it (mainly WILD and FILD). Tonight I decided to try FILD, but as it turns out, I ended up trying WILD as well. Just as a heads up, this didn’t work. Which isn’t surprising, I’m very new to this idea and have never tried anything like it before. Also I didn’t do any of the methods right (again, first time, just kinda doing whatever). As I was going to bed, I ended up feeling too lazy to roll over and remembered the WILD technique. So, I just decided to see how close I could get - despite using this technique right as I was going to bed initially, which is totally wrong. For a long time I was still and gradually relaxed into my bed. I could feel my movements still, my limbs becoming heavier. I twitched, but ignored urges to itch or roll over like I normally would. Once, it felt like my eyes opened without opening. I could suddenly see but I didn’t think I had moved my eyes at all. My vision felt like a fly (with their giant eyes - it was really weird). One reality check later - nope. I was still awake. After trying for a long time, I realized this time wasn’t going to work and I still had plans for later in the night. I tried to move and for a few seconds I couldn’t. My limbs were paralyzed, and when I did move them they were tingly and felt off. I don’t think it would have gone anywhere, because it was like this for a while, but still it was interesting. Not scary, just interesting. I went to sleep normally, convinced I would wake up at 3:00 AM and try FILD as I had planned. Instead, I woke up at 1:42 AM and couldn’t fall back asleep until ~3:10. By this time, I was frustrated. I changed my alarm clock to wake me up at 4:25. Yes, I know - going all over the place. I woke up at 4:25 and was not feeling as tired as I wanted to. I then immediately proceeded to try FILD but went into the situation knowing I had already failed. Eventually I went to sleep normally. After that, I had an odd, glancing dream. All I remember from it was that I apparently was going to “record the dream” for later. And then there was an illuminated cave underground, with mushrooms and glowing purple crystals. So did I know it was a dream?! But I couldn’t control anything! I think lucidity was in my subconscious but I didn’t make anything of it. So, what did I learn from this? Well, I learned that this experience and my actions are not going to go perfectly. For me I think I will need a longer time to get results and that’s okay. I need to be more structured and have a better plan of what I’m doing (well, I did, but then I messed it up). I guess, better than that, I need to stick to my plan! I’ve never tried to mess with anything sleep-related like this before. I don’t meditate nor look into spiritual ideas or astral projection or anything. This is out of my comfort zone and I’m unsure of even how to approach many things dealing with lucid dreams. But I’m going to try! Maybe it’ll take me a week, a few months, maybe a year if I’m that bad at it! But I’ll try! *I apologize for my verbosity. If you even read this whole thing, then wow, I’m surprised.