What is driving a car like in a lucid dream? AMAZING!😀 🚙 🚗

Date: 8/11/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

This is a lucid dream I had an hour ago. The way I induced it was by watching lucid dream videos before I went to sleep. Whenever I do that I have a lucid dream. Somehow without any reality checks I just knew I was dreaming. And boom it's like the matrix instantly you feel like a god. I was in my kitchen. I brought up my hands and slowly examined then. Bringing them both just 3 inches from my face. I examined each finger and moved it. Then Roatated my hand slowly. It was sooo amazing. Then I looked down at my feet. For some reason in the dream I was bare feet. In real life I'm never bare feet and always wear socks but in the dream I didn't. I lifted my foot and looked at it. I could see each nail and even the pores on my skin, I don't get how it was so real. I wanted to see how real I could make walking feel. I brought my leg up and took a step. I began walking super slowly. It was weird though, it felt like one leg was shorter than the other. But I could do it. As I walked out the front door of my house (which btw was as real as it gets I decided to fly! I just jumped and could only get about as high as my house. If you read my dreams a lot you know this always happens. For some reason I can't fly higher than 50ft in a dream. For those who haven't flown. It's like swimming in air. You know when you push off a pool and swim it's like that. It takes me a lot of effort and concentratation to stay in the air. After I landed back down I looked at the driveway and both cars were there. It was so real I looked back at my house and it was perfect, the tree was there and the grass. Then I decided to drive a car. Guys I can't explain how real it was, I sat in the seat and felt my bum on it. I turned the key the car came on made sound dials went up shofted to reverse . Usually when I dream of driving I have no control. Well in this dream I had full control. I pressed the gas to go faster and brakes. There were other cars too and they were driving really weird. They were treating the street as if it was one way. They were all the same type of car which looked like a black SUV.