weird water park or resort

Date: 8/25/2017

By supaninja007

So I remember starting off being on top of this wooden tower. I'm sitting in one one corner when the whole thing starts spinning around and water is splashing everywhere. I think it's supposed to some sort of water amusement ride idk. I then remember walking away while in a park while being in a forest. Im walking towards the beach where I see a bunch of fellow Muslims praying. I didn't have a shower so I couldn't pray so I went into our family's AirBnB type hotel. My aunt's and my mom were in there and I went to the bathroom. the whole building was dark and I always had the feeling the building was built on top of the water and the building kept moving. I went into the bathroom but it looked kind of like an airplane bathroom and I couldn't get the light to turn on then my phone rang irl and I woke up.