fight against the pillarmen men and girls cheering me on.

Date: 2/26/2017

By ibotje

I was with PJ on some summercamp and there was some game with a swing and they chose random people, one had to push and one had to be on the swing. but they chose a beautiful girl and pj had to swing. but nobody liked pj cause he looks kind of unattractive. so she pushed an ugly fat guy on it and everyone laughed. kind of bullying. then he states to push the guy cause that was the game and not much happens. then I get on a swing further back and start to swing surrounded by people outside.( it was at the place of the campwith the big gray building and shit food.) well I start to swing myself without shirt cause it was good weather and I swing and some girl laugh cause I should be pushed but I think no one really was even chosen and I wasn't chosen either I just went for it. when I turned around a girl said: my dream guy ❤ with some giggles from girls as I looked at them on my way down. to which I'm like oh shit I need to impress. I go back up and when I'm on my way back down I tense my abs and I hear the girl day: and he has abs! 😵 and I'm like yea boi (in my ownhead) then it starts in Ghent and I'm going to the gym when weird stuff happens, an explosion or a bang. I check it out and it's at the oude vismijn. there we see the pillarmen. together with loads of weird stuff happening there me and JoJo and kayoin start to fight against the pillarmen. then we start to use weird powers against each other. at that point we go back to their own universe and continue you fight. I summon 2 giant windcyclones that are horizontal that would suck us in. and as we are fighting I blow a ball of wind I can stand on and glide around on as I'm fighting them in an epic higher speed battle. then I upgraded my powers somehow and make a supper powerful ball with rings of Saturn to stand on, it was back at that point we hear cheering from girl again so during the fight I try to impress them. by flying through them with the ball and blowing up their skirts and they loved it. then cars dropped between the girls from the roof (they were standing in an open tunnel high on a building). and then we beat them and become friends. we have some fun by flying around and against my cyclones with epic moves and stuff and messing with the girls. and we end up high in some building. there we discovered an portal to an even more dangerous word that looked blue with the source of the problems we fixed in this second world of the pillarmen with weird plants with glowing yellow tops. I say to the pillarmen: so are you gonna come? no no, said cars, our place is here. to which I laughed and started to get going. but I turned around and back to them and I said as I layed my hand on their shoulders: I never thought I could say this but you guys. you guys need to train. then we laughed. and they said they don't train. then they went back to their wall to turn back to stone and they waved bye and I stocked up my hand with two fingers to say bye. then kayoin accidentally threw a cannonball in the Wall with the pillarmen. he didn't even notice. then we start to go and then acdc pushes it out of the wall and looks at us. and we laugh as we go to the next world. I woke up.