More Control

Date: 3/4/2017

By nexus

this was one of those where you start to question reality, I thought to myself "hey you should stay conscious when you take a nap" and I did it almost effortlessly going to sleep paralysis and than the weird part started happening, I was like telling someone what I was doing as if I met them before but I hadn't also I was in a different location so I started to think it must've just been where the dream is going to take place but than again I was in a different location a more dark and scary place but I was acting like it's no big deal and I was like psychically attacked by some creature that was there and I'm back in my body, but than I go again to the same place and sort of observed the world more thoroughly, after that I think I go back to explaining to someone how I'm speaking to them but I'm not physically there since he thought I was hiding and I was speaking to him in that actual reality so my theory is that my frequencies kept fluctuating so I ended up on different worlds where I was doing those things, it's a pretty big eye opener cuz everything changed not just the location but the tones and people which makes me think this was a lot bigger than a lucid dream