weird mascot thing

Date: 4/15/2017

By waterdeer

ok so i had a dream where.. like.....everyone was in school and stuff but it was past school hours? so i was freaking out, and i started crying because it was pitch black outside and one guy started barfing into another girl's mouth, and same thing happened to the next girl? until i was the only girl left, and i was with my girlfriend who i was holding tight and being like "let's get the fuck out of here" but she kept laughing and apparently it was all a prank that people played on me ????? and so like i started running away into a weird beach scene and into a random house. there was a beat up cookie monster mascot head on the floor and a random middle aged guy was in there. he was like "heeeey :) i have snacks and games in here" and i started freaking out because ?? middle aged men are terrifying and then he held me tightly and felt my breast and stuff until i broke free and ran out the door when he promptly caught me again and started molesting me, but this time he was in a fuvking cookie monster mascot costume kinda thing, and i was sobbing and trying to kick him off but he wouldn't leave .. i finally managed to get free and start running into my back yard. once safe inside my house, i told my mom everything that happened. we noticed that there were more mascots outside, dragging little girls with them. at this point i was freaking out and crying because molestation is terrifying but the mascots were so strong and shit.. gah anyways there was a point where we determined that they wanted our souls, so we lured some of them into my backyard with the souls and shot them. anyway i'm a mess