A race and a wedding shop

Date: 5/27/2017

By introvert_dreamer

I am in a race where we have to reach certain checkpoints and we're going through what looks like Andersen middle school. At the bottom of a hill is a softball field with buckets placed in different areas. We have to go to the buckets and carry them to home plate. Once all of them are there, we can run to the finish. No is getting the buckets in right field cause they are the farthest away so I go get them knowing I'll have a disadvantage. Everyone heads towards the finish before I get the buckets to home plate. Then I start running towards the finish which is an area that looks like the front of Andersen but there are a couple extra buildings. I start complaining that the race wasn't fair and I should've won and the the next time we run it there should be markers in the buckets so everyone has to go to each bucket to make it fair. The dream changes and I'm in a wedding shop. I'm trying on dresses as I am going to be getting married soon. Then it changes and I'm at the shop with kim and she's the one getting married. Her husband is super wealthy and has gotten her 4 gorgeous one of a kind red and black dresses to wear at her wedding receptions and other parties. Right now she's looking for the perfect one for the actual wedding. She finds it and we walk around the store looking for our dressing room with our stuff. Next we're in a plane the kim is flying because that's how we get around to places but she keeps flying it really low and the rough the trees. I get scared thinking we're going to crash. We get out of the trees and are flying above water. She is still flying too low and we crash in the water. Like in a video game, I think we just need to die and it'll reset. So I stuck my head under water and hold my breath. Then we wake back up in the room but in beds, like we had woken from a dream. I ask kim if she's ready to go and she says "yes, but you're flying this time."