A Terrible Thing To Say

Date: 4/4/2017

By katjbooson

The dream starts right in the middle of my algebra class. My teacher stands at the front of the room, she's lecturing like usual. She finishes our lesson and looks around at all of us in the class as if she's about to give some big motivational, inspirational speech. She goes, "Pay attention to me right now if you're FAT. What kind of message do you think you're giving to the world?!" She's looking right at the three chubby kids in the class. She's really focussing on one poor kid individually, I think his name was Gordon. She continues, "You think that's a good message? You think you're telling people that you're a good person? Gordon, you listening? You think anyone would want to be around someone so fake and so fat and so gross?" I wasn't sure why she was calling these kids fake, I didn't know what that had to do with this. She then looked at me and another girl who had our nails done, "And you think you're giving people a good message that you're a good person to be around with your nails painted white or your big fake nails? You're all fake and disgusting... especially you, Gordon." Gordon was crying, everyone was upset. We were in college‚Äč, so I was able to lock myself in my dorm. I was severely upset to the point where I started going crazy. I was not going back to that class. I texted my mom I was sorry if she got some notice about me not going to my classes, but I was going to go to a guidance counselor to tell them what she had said and done. I finally mustered up the courage to go to a counselor, when I ran into my teacher on the way. The last thing I remember was us staring face to face, her furious on an inhuman level, me frozen scared.