Date: 7/20/2017

By hellocaity48

Entered a strange place. Not alone. Feeling unhappy, confused, unsure. Told to find my way back to the door to reality. So many paths and distractions. A small air duct full of big fans and loud noises all around me. Body jolting from the vibrations. Crawl for a long time. Enter a big room/ like an opera house. 2 crocodiles slowly walk together. I follow them. They lead me to a crowd of ghost like people all gathered together. Try and ask them where I am. They ignore me. I find an exit. Walk into an outdoor setting. Not alone. A table full of people I haven't seen in a long time. There is food on the table. Meat only. I look at them eating and feel sick. A strange man like creature comes through a portal of a sort. He orders me to eat the hamburger like patty so that we can all travel back to reality safely. I hesitate. Then eat. Dry, flavorless, and filled with uncooked onions. I nibble it until it is gone. Being cheered on by the table of people. The man tells us where to go. But it seems the portal is only to another altered reality. On a bed my old friend alyse. And chase my brother all grown up. I am feeling confused but longing for it to be true. I sit and talk and try and tell them about my journey. Something changes and I am feeling uneasy. Wake up.