Out of body

Date: 7/10/2017

By fxcksxtan98

I had a dream where here was a serial killer in a hotel holding a drag queen and at first this guy and his partner (they were fbi people) were just scoping up on the roof and they found this ladder that was down and a walkie talkie taped to the wall and all the sudden the woman comes on the radio and says "are you ready?" And the dumb young partner speaks back and says "miss lou?" And the older cop shoves him and say your giving away our position, well they go back inside and check on the girls all while theres one serial killer already in there and hes slowly picking off girls one by one and im watching this happen its almost like im having and out of body experience and im watching this happen without being able to help anyone but in this hotel the hallways are so narrow and theres girls just goig in and out of rooms borrowing other girls make up and clothes and talking to each other and then all the sudden this group of girl find the serial killer in this room and they all run out except for one girl (she looks like an amazon chick) and all you hear is struggling and the girl pops open the door and walks away lookin like a mess and you see the dudes legs hes not dead but he sure in unconscious and then the dream switches back to up on the roof with the two fbi people and theyre starting to figure out that the serial killers are there and they realize theres someone on the inside helping them to get in thats why the ladder was down when it wasnt supposed to be so the younger cop tell the older cop "im gonna check out the bottom of the ladder" well the older cops stops him as the other cop is walking away and says "dont go down there.. please" well the younger cop just smiles at him and nods his heads and im watching this all happen and then the younger cops is at the edge and looks at the older cop and just drops to the bottom and you heat struggling down at the bottom like people are fighting then silence then the cop hears someone climbing up the ladder the cop hides turns out it was another serial killer and he had just walked right into the hotel and then i woke up.