Horror Bus Stop

Date: 6/8/2017

By princelip

I don't remember much of this dream but here are the bits and pieces I can recall: -I was waiting for the bus with someone else, must have been a friend of mine in the dream but I don't actually know who they are. It felt like we coulsnt be older than middle schooler which is odd cause I'm 18 - The bus didn't come so we went wondering. We ended up in some weird field. I feel like I can't really describe what happened but I remember being chased and also put through disturbing and horrifying trials similar to the SAW movies in some ways. - We eventually found put way back to the main road and walked back to the bus stop. - The bus stop wasn't a normal school bus stop outside, we waited inside a building, standing behind glass doors as staring outside while we waited for the bus. - We didnt get on the same bus. It came and I was the only one to get on but that's when I woke up.