idk wishmaker

Date: 2/26/2017

By troyesivan

It started with me being forced to attend this weird ceremony (probably religious) with my family being lead by this fly lady. While she was judging me and my other two male cousins, I tightened my hoodie. Because of that she decided to call me "emo" and I got pissed and killed her by squashing her. No one seemed to notice. Afterwards, I found roses given to me and called them "beautiful". After, I went with a friend in his truck to deliver stuff and we had to go to this weird store in the woods. So I was walking through this weird store in the woods and I found a water gun that had cleaning soap attached to it. It was able to grant me wishes. But only under one condition, if your wish had a good intention, it could be granted. I would repeatedly point to people and ask various of things of the gun to do ;-). And a target I pointed the gun at some dude and asked the gun to "**** *** ***" but i don't remember if it worked. While I was walking down the street, i found some dude in rags sitting down and I found him with a gun similar to mine. He told me to crawl under his legs and to carry his legs for him while he talked to one of my cousins , Pancho, and tried to convince him to use the gun. The gun looked similar to mine except it was fueled by something different than mine. It was give to him. Later while at a theater same as before, a devilish figure was spitting fire and destroying the place. I tried shooting it with my gun with bubbles but it ran out. So I decided to run downstairs and try to collect more water from the sink and bottles of soap. As I done so, I went upstairs and continued to blast the devilish creature and it went away.