Date: 2/15/2017

By DiiSaaan

Walking with random people as my parents, I'm in moms belly. We all fell into a hole and they died! I was still born and alive in the hole. I couldn't walk but time goes by and the ground cemented me down like a fossil with an opening for me to look out of! I laid with the ground pinning my body from my right shoulder to my lower left arm. I'm maybe 17 - 19 now. Eventually people noticed and started observing me like at a museum! I slowly picked up language, very slowly, listening to them! Eventually a baby was walking by and fell into my hole. Knowing very little I tried to speak to the people walking by! Baby... help... baby... help... till a man in a black suit I believe walked by and help it out! I was able to get out after that where the dream proceeded to my dads neighborhood street where I skated down the street did a trick and couldn't do it again! Then I went to see Chris who was sitting up the street at a random house, where I told him about the hole but he didn't listen and was only half interested! He proceeded to smoke. After this I don't know what happened, I woke up!?