adventure time merch

Date: 4/21/2019

By dogsandspaghetti

I was on a trip with various people I know irl and we went to one imaginary place that is supposed to be in the Philippines. This happened after a speedy ride on a massive bus wherein I spent a lot of time screaming because I was afraid I would fall off the bus. At the imaginary place I spent a majority of the time pestering a salesman on Adventure Time merch (caps, shirts, etc.). He got pissed off because I kept asking to look at different merch but then at the end I bought a Finn cap. Also, my high school crush was there and he smiled at me a lot (lol). I then went back to my irls who were waiting for me to finish looking around and were also waiting for a tour in a bedroom(?). There were faces I wasn't familiar with crowded in the waiting area. And then I woke up.