Principal 2

Date: 3/3/2019

By shelby406

Last night part two occurred: It was an assembly but we were just watching live music the whole time. I was doing crazy things like backflips and stuff to the music. My elementary school principal saw me and Maddi doing this and called us down. When I got down there he asked if I dropped my phone and I immediately lied and said, “ No, remember my phone had a marble case on it!” Because I changed the case and it was now purple, the “random” phone was purple and not marble and I got away with it. So the rest of the dream I was at home trying to think of a way to get my phone back. Another dream associated with this one happened last night but I was definitely separate. I was getting ready for the assembly and I couldn’t find my phone. I saw this guy walk into the bathroom carrying it. I thought that he probably just found it and decided that he needed to go to the bathroom. So I went in after him. Inside I saw a guy showering and a dark corner where there was a guy inside the mirror. I went up to the mirror and asked if I could have my phone back. The mirror was secretly my ex-crush and his loser friends. (Not ex crush anymore but ok)