Hidden power

Date: 5/18/2019

By cesarsald

In my dream I was powerless and wanted to become powerful. My cousin had been trying to teach me how to use a mini grappling device that was broken for me. Eventually perfect cell came to kill us by dragging us deep into the ocean where giant sea monsters killed us. I was back on the island but now iron Man had become some sort of power dictator. He forced me to try and learn this secret technique he didn't know much about. It was a scrunchie used for hair inside a box. However I realised it was actually very powerful. And without him noticing I had it I trained under an old woman sercretly. Eventually I came to understand it. It was a device that let me combine hand gestures and my mind's creativity to do anything. I challenged Ironman and was being pushed back in the beginning but then started annihilating him by using the power. He even tried to escape but I created a move to easily match his speed in the sky and I dragged him down to the ground. There he either gave up or I killed him. The dream then ended with me getting the infinity stones combined into one stone.