Arguing with mom

Date: 8/29/2019

By 2Natblu

My mom and I got into a bad argument and she tried to come me. I yelled at her and walked away.

AI generated interpretation Dreams about arguments with close family members often reflect unresolved conflicts or tensions within your waking relationships. In this case, the dream specifically focuses on an argument with your mom. The mother figure in dreams is typically symbolic of nurturing, protection, and authority. The dream suggests that there might be unresolved issues or tensions between you and your mother in your waking life. It could be indicative of a breakdown in communication or a clash of values or perspectives. The argument represents a confrontation of these unresolved issues, possibly indicating a need for open, honest, and constructive dialogue. The fact that your mom tried to calm you down suggests that she may be seeking to resolve the conflict or find a compromise. However, your response of yelling at her and walking away shows that you chose to distance yourself instead of addressing the issue directly. This may imply a tendency to avoid confrontation or difficult conversations in your waking life. Overall, this dream may be a reflection of underlying conflicts or tensions with your mom that need to be addressed in order to achieve resolution and improved communication. Consider finding a time and place to have an open conversation with her, allowing both of you to express your feelings and perspectives in a respectful manner. This can lead to a deeper understanding and potentially resolve the issues highlighted in the dream.