Strange Proposal

Date: 1/25/2017

By CharmLunar13

Part 1 At night trapped in our old high school, he took me by the hand with a Shy look on his face as he asked me to follow. So I did. Running through the streets in a storm of cars in traffic a helicopter lands amiss the chaos. He lets go of my hand as he runs to jump in and help me up, but the step seems to high. I panic, " I can't reach I'm to short!" He try's to to reach out to me but just then the traffic becomes restless as the helicopter can no longer sit still. We struggled to reach each other but it's no use the aircraft has to take off.....will they come back for me...... will he give up.....silence, it's all calm now and I'm just standing in the dark light. Part 2 My friends and I are visiting some kind of nurses office now. Everyone seem happy, there are heart decorations everywhere...hmm, must be Valentine's Day ..... I sign some paper at the front desk while my friends giggle and stair in the next room....wait , why are we here?.....oh well... I continue to sign random papers as I think about HIM being here ....I miss him ....... why am I not with him on such a special day?...... one of the nurses ask a question about him. I begin to answer....wait does she know him? ..... as I lift my head a male figure stepped from behind it Him!? .... "You annoy me so much, you talk my ear off you dive me crazy and I want you to continue driving me crazy I want to wake up to your long rants...." It is HIM ....wait what is he saying....why am I crying that a ring!? .....omg, omg, omg, is he proposing!? ....HE IS!... I loose my breath, footing, everything lol.....did I say yes?.... "YES,YES, ARE YOU SERIOUS YES!" ....Is this why I was brought here? ..... Lol why a nurses office ....he's so weird, but that's why I love Him....wait "The ring is too big." It's just like the promise ring he got that was too small lol. Now I'm at my moms. "Did you talk to him!?" Yup she already knew. So I do what any new fiancé does, brag and show off the ring....wait why is it unraveling?..... It gets bigger and bigger...he got me a headband(it looks just like the ones I see maids wear when I watch my anime shows)........ how did he mistake this for a ring ......I mean I love it but a ring would be better .... I'll just let him know tomorrow he's such a weirdo lol, but I love him......... i really do. This is when I wake up confused happy and upset .....ugh, why'd it have to be a dream lol