Field trip and badminton

Date: 7/5/2019

By Sajas

I remember going on a field trip with my junior students. I was like a guide for them . It was a small hilltop or something like that. One of the junior student was afraid to go to the top of the hill to take a measurement or reading. So me and my friend from my class (dont remember who he is) dragged him to the top. I also met my classmates who came to that place as field trip. I remember hanging out with them. I saw my 2 friends from the class playing badminton in a courtyard of a sports club. I also joined them. There was 2 desks from my college near that courtyard we played. I moved them somehere I dont remember. Them I remember hanging out with my friends in a restaurant. At the cabin near us I saw my friend's crush and her friends sitting. I didn't see her face. But I know it was her.