Under Water Tests On Class

Date: 12/7/2016

By camcgregor

This was probably one of the weirdest dreams I have had in a while. I was in school with my class but we were all underwater. And I was wondering why we were underwater. Nobody answered my question so I just stayed in my class. Then some people started to get naked and walk over to this section of the room where they were getting tested if they had a disease. It was really strange because everyone still had their phones on them without them breaking underwater. The way we were breathing underwater was with this leaf blower that was always turned on but the teacher called it some other weird name. So if you needed air you would walk over to the leaf blower and stick your face in front of the air flowing out and breath in. The teacher finally called my name so I walked over to him. He said it was time for me to do my test. So I started to get naked (distinctly remember wearing red and gray Calvin Klein underwear) in front of my whole class and he did the tests on me. One of the tests they did was get a sponge type of thing and swipe your ass and put it in this tube to test if you had a disease. The next test they do is your weight which was rally stage for me. I am 180 lbs but the teacher tested me and I weighed 155 and I was like no way they is right but the whole class said yes I guess that's actually what you weigh now. So I just went along with it. I then some how just got my clothes back on my body. The teacher then blind folded me and made me walk up these boxes in front of the whole class. The teacher then grabbed my Calvin Klein underwear and gave me a wedgie. I got mad so I quickly jumped around behind him and grabbed his underwear and gave him a wedgie. And the whole class was cheering. P.S. Really wish I was lucid that would have mad this so much butter but the dream was really cool and vivid ✌🏼️