Kidnapper, shopping, rain, late

Date: 3/12/2017

By fiercerunner

There was a little girl kidnapped. I started working for an old veteran with bandaged fingers and toes and began to suspect he was the kidnapper and that he'd killed her. It was known that the kidnapper had 5 million dollars as well, and i heard him say to his associate something about "the 5 income." It got to the point that i felt really stressed and was intent on catching and arresting him before he realized how close the authorities were to knowing the truth. In another dream that may have been the same universe, i was looking around a shopping mall and was particularly interested in bath stuff for some reason. I saw the bunny that kaneki gave to touka in the tg manga chapter 90-something. In another part of my dreams i was with a large group of females and we all had weird red and black masks on that looked something like samurai masks and red or black cloaks. It was raining. We walked around some and sat down on some wet smooth rocks on a high point overlooking a city. I think there was a big tree right above us and i can almost smell the nature and the rain right now as i write. I seemed to be in some kind of cult though. Our leader started talking to us as we sat there. It's odd i had this dream because tonight i watched the premier of the new samurai jack and there were a lot of female Aku servants with demonic like masks and they were a big part of the story. I didn't remember until tonight that samurai jack was coming on. It also ended up raining for a long time tonight. In another dream i was running super late for high school, but didnt care that much. I was to be there at 8am and it was like 7:57am and i was on my 5th bowl of cereal that was sort of like fruity pebbles. I think this is because 1. I had a lot of raisin bran last night and 2. I feel fat. I ended up getting to school really late and i think i got in trouble for it.