Getting Rid of Evidence

Date: 6/13/2019

By dreamadventures

I find myself in a small room, big enough to fit a twin size bed. I never actually see a body, but I know why I’m in the room. I’m there to get rid of evidence of the two (separate) murders I’ve just committed. I am frantically going through stacks of papers, small knick-knacks, and a smooth purple oval quartz. I’m trying to figure out how to hide it. Through out it all, I feel panic but also a sense of justification. I didn’t do anything wrong. Once I realise times running out, I decide on an escape plan and where I’ll go from here but then the door rattles. The cleaning woman is trying to get in. I panic some more. And this is where I get sloppy. I know I’ve left trace evidence but I have to run. I next find myself in a large building with endless classrooms, as students start filing into their respective rooms. I keep running, keep trying to find the right exit. I vividly remember a large staircase, running as fast as I can down it. I finally find a suitable escape, a fire exit that I know the alarm won’t be set off. Once I go through the two big doors, I’m outside - it’s dark. I remember seeing the soft glow of two large outdoor lights and a garbage can. I feel relief but only for a brief second because I’m spotted by a person. The next part of the dream is hazy but I’m back inside the school building. A teacher is yelling at me that I’m late for class (I’m 35 years old, I don’t work with children nor am I in school in real life!). I rudely tell her to back off, my class doesn’t start for another 15 minutes - I show her my watch. I find myself outside once again, walking along a chain fence. This time I pass a younger Asian student, he looks between 8-10 y.o. In this dream, I am not a child but an adult. I’m scared he’s going to recognise me later when the investigation starts. It’s at that point I overhear two individuals say, “We found two bodies in the upstairs room.” I run down past the chain link fence, run down a slightly inclined street and make a right. All of a sudden, I’m lost and it’s now the afternoon. I remember feeling angry at myself for losing my composure and getting myself lost. I decide to call an Uber, I tell myself that this won’t look suspicious. When I open the Uber app, it’s like I’m using it for the first time - I’m confused by all the new features. I’m now feeling anger. Of all the times, why did the app update NOW! The dream ends with me frantically trying to locate my black driver who’s in a pink car. I’m mostly feeling frustration and worry because I know the evidence will eventually point to me. I woke up feeling like I’ve done something very wrong - like I actually murdered two people. It took me a few seconds to realise it was just a dream.