Grover Washington

Date: 5/31/2017

By beejules

I'm with a family that isn't my family. It seems to be my ex-partner's family, but I don't recognize them in waking life. My partner and I are broken up in the dream, but we have a son (we don't have kids together in waking life). There are people bringing out documents to sign. I'm not sure what's going on and no one will tell me. The patriarch of the family, Grover Washington seems to be a very important and influential man. The family seems to have a great deal of wealth. I wonder if these documents have anything to do with giving me and my son an inheritance. I'm asked to sign the paperwork, but they won't tell me what it's for. I know it's to give the family wealth to my son. There's a clause in there that says Grover Washington gets to be responsible for my son's education and I have to make him available for that. GW is sitting in a highbacked armchair and he beckons my son to sit next to him. The other family members take me into another room to sign the papers. My pen won't work. It just scratches the paper with no ink coming out. I try to tell them I need a new pen, but they keep telling me to try again. Two people are closing in next to me, leaving me little room to move and sign the papers. I keep throwing my elbows out to try to make room. I finally scratch my signature and address onto the paperwork. I wake up.