Date: 9/15/2019

By PepperDarling

It begins with caroline and jasmin needing to rent a uhaul to drive to Detroit, I'm just taking them to the shop to rent it, there are So Many people there! Like 50 people, and they are nice so we hardly have to wait in line, but the rental is going to cost so much, so we start to haggle and I get really into it, but at this point C&J have already abandoned their plan and decide to drive my car to Detroit. I'm not even going on the trip, but, i let them take it. On the way home? C is driving and takes us through this crazy bad industrial part of town, she turns and drives into a warehouse that has huge potholes, big enough to swallow the car, so we decide to see what the upper level is like, same huge potholes,but also we are driving on rickety old tracks. We end up abandoning my car and walking through another bad neighborhood, unpaved roads, shambly houses and shacks, everyone was hanging out in their yards, and it looked like they were having a good time, but we still were trying to rush, because it was "a bad neighborhood". I split off from C&J to go meet my husband. I find him next to a tall building that we have to go into, and the only way in is at the top of a Huge Tall staircase, it takes us a really long time to get to the door, we go in, and it's a huge aquarium with big whales and stuff and its packed with people. I immediately start looking for a different way out, there is an internal staircase, but it clearly leads to the bowels of hell, so I have to climb put a window and climb down the side of the building. My friend Mike is out there, doing the same thing, so he helps me out. Then I become a ghost? In a Mexican families house, and I keep messing with a family picture, taking the frame apart and putting different pictures in there. The youngest kid sees me and we go swimming together.