Long Ass Nightmare

Date: 8/27/2017

By ImprovdHat

So it started with work. I was in a building I didn't recognize but people were disappearing. For some reason we all had to keep coming to work despite the vanishing people. There was a period of rest between the event, but one day someone came into my office like "more people are gone." I only had one thought: Jaia. Nearly in tears I rushed out to look for her. I prayed that my best friend wasn't one of the taken ones. When I saw her she looked confused as to why I was so excited. No one told her what had happened yet. Feeling the urge to, I dropped to my knees and thanked God nothing happened to her. Somehow my dream took a turn for the happy and we were on a lakeside. There were two islands in the distance that you could reach by doing parkour across some rocks that jutted out above the surface of the water. A bunch of people I recognized were there, including lead singer in last year's musical. Joey was hanging out on one of the islands and I was climbing the pine tree above him (it had a Maryland vibe) and suddenly "The Confrontation" from our musical came on. We both only knew ValJeans part and that made me kind of nervous because he was ValJean in our Les Mis. I thought he would roast my bad singing. To my surprise he sang a melody that made us sound lit asf. When the song had ended, he couldn't resist vocalizing a little bit, but he was SOOOOOOOO GOOD. Then there was more singing coming from the lake. Bright colors pierced the surface and I kinda got the feeling I knew what was happening. "You've GOT to be kidding me," I groaned. "If this kid is actually able to attract sea people with his voice then his ego will explode." Sure enough, a mermaid with a pink tail, pale skin, and seashells decorating her matching pink hair swam up to meet Joey. Then a blue merman approached. The three of them began vocalizing and because I was unable to be captivated, I left. On the other island I ran into another friend and we were talking about how long we could survive in the wilderness. Somehow "Mystery Inc" from the Scooby-Doo TV show I watched as a kid, and my whole dream got shifted around. •••••• Then it was all about the four teenagers (and dog) trying to discover how on earth flesh-eating mannequins managed to discover their dimension. It shifted to a few days earlier when they were sitting on my couch and Fred was talking to their client over walkie-talkie but there was a scream interrupted by static. Then there was another voice saying "we are so hungry." The voice sounded pitiful so Fred decided to tell the poor creatures how to find their way to our world. Right after the directions were given, Velma (or maybe Daphne) realized that the people on the other side of the walkie-talkie were monsters and Fred led them here with a time paradox, but it was too late. They came into our dimension but only stayed in one building, but the employees (including myself and little brother) HAD to go back there every day for a certain number of hours. If you didn't want to be eaten you'd have to be a good hider. Day after day windows were shattered (I remember THAT being important) and people died. At the end of one day, I saw my dad waiting for me outside the building. I recanted my survival story of the day and he told me he was so proud. Then I saw everything from his perspective: his daughter and son would die any day now. They would be dragged off by flesh-eating freaks and there wasn't a single thing he could do about it. He could only wait.