space horror so weird

Date: 2/18/2017

By nomosia

I was on a space station. It was a large clear bubble, you could see all the way down to earth, there were hundreds of people there. One guy takes the red shuttle and it looks like he gets stuck for a while , but then he gets free and everyone panics less. I talked to that guy (I forgot his name) and Leon who is already wearing a space suit. Someone stands up and gives us a lecture about something, we are space cadets. Leon takes the shuttle out next and this time he actually gets stuck and dies. I don't mourn. Later that night: I am still in the space station but the quarters look like the inside of a mansion. I go up the stairs to talk to a woman and open the brown door. She is lying dead with her head smashed in. People are screaming around me but I am apathetic. The space station shakes and tells us that someone is in the control room trying to destabilise the gravity and kill us. The lights flicker and turn off. I tell people that it is Her trying to get us to kill each other (I don't know who She is), no one believes me and everyone splits up. I vomit but when I see another body, but somehow I know it's an act. I stop Her from stabbing me in the back but She dies. I realise that my apathy, my defeat of Her and my friendship with the dead cadets makes me the strongest candidate for Her, and now She is dead and cannot claim to be who She really is. I call someone on the ground, I think it is Leon(?) it is either him or the first guy. I tell him to tell my family and my wife ( I don't have a wife, it just felt right to do it) that I love them. I say this casually. I die (?) The dream ends Note: I have no idea who 'she' is it's so vague but I remember her as being someone important. She had brown hair and gave me a sort of 'girl from the ring' vibe.