school camp

Date: 2/17/2017

By clem_orange

school retreat there for a few days, huge bird flew past and warped the gravity made it like an earthquake but only went one way like tilting, then everyone was getting drunk on red wine and then i was waiting in line for a refill but we had to go back home.asked mr if there was any red wine left after he dropped me home but there wasnt so i went inside, realised that i had forgotten my sleeping bag and went back downstairs to find the garage door wide open and then looked outside and saw a guy with no arms cycling up the hill on a wagon with hay on it just to stop outside my house to talk to a guy and then i closed the door, heard the armless guy ask if he could stay at the persons house but he has an excuse ans then they were right outside my garage door so i ran upstairs and told mum and then i was gonna go back downstairs but i heard noise so they were in my house so i ran to wake up dad and then i woke up