Gender Politics and Boats 🐸

Date: 6/7/2017

By brookethegreat

I was sitting on the floor in a circle of about 8 people around my age. We were going around the circle answering icebreaker questions like we were at summer camp or college orientation. This cute loudmouthed guy said something gross about the women who work at places like Hooters. I explained why it was gross thing to say, and he took the criticism really well! Shockingly well, considering what I said didn't actually make any sense. I made a metaphor about meatballs?? I watched a short documentary about beauty pageants. Then I was on vacation with my parents. We were going on a boat tour of a swamp. There were frogs everywhere. I kept zoning in on the frogs - it was like the dream would pause to show a frog close-up every few minutes lol. At first the boat was just one big plank floating on the water, and when I got on I accidentally knocked the 2 strangers who were already on board off. I felt really guilty. Then it was a large canoe and we all boarded successfully. We each got a free DVD with our boat ride - it looked like an old black and white campy monster flick. The cover illustration was cool.