Thespian New York Trip Gone Wrong

Date: 3/17/2017

By ace200

I was on a New York trip with some theatre kids (Regon, Ashley, Jill, etc.). My parents were there too, and my sister. We were really excited because we saw the Dear Evan Hanson doors and knew we were seeing that and Anastasia right next door. I remember also going into this building because it was apparently my sister's birthday and you would sit in these egg shaped big chairs, but I was sliding in mine as it took me down a ride. It was hard and painful. Anyway, then we were outside again in the streets of New York when this old women in black came up to Jill. She had a fake plastic arm and starting hitting Jill with it, hard. Like painfully hard. So we all started scattering and running away as cops came and other people tried to help. I picked up the ability to fly, but couldn't go very high or fast, so I was half running and half jumping into the air to float. I got to this empty parking lot and didn't see the women, but lost my group. I found the group eventually by texting them and we met up. My dad asked me if I knew we could fly because this was a dream. I said yes, I flew away from the women. He said he couldn't do it.