Roasted Maths

Date: 3/1/2019

By Emerald

I was at my old school and I was told I had to go to this weird extra mural after school called "Roasted Maths". There was a boy attending Roasted Maths too but he wasn't from my school, and apparently he had a medical condition where he couldn't breathe. We were talking for awhile but I can't remember our conversation. My school didn't look at all like it used to, the surroundings were like a swamp. We had to wade through the waist-deep water to get to Roasted Maths. When we got there it was a quiet and peaceful room with an educational video where the + - × and ÷ signs were alive walking around and telling us how to do Roasted Maths. "Why am I even here" I thought to myself. Then I woke up