Savitar's Softside

Date: 4/24/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

It's been a while dream journal, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you. I've just been a bit lazy in terms of writing down my dreams.. Here's a decent mix of a few I had last night. I was in a version of star labs, and savitar was there. He was trying to make me do something and I was trying to solve this puzzle, in there, I saw him writing a note to someone, I thought "for a person who can run so fast he sure does write slow". I remember him teary eyed and crying, finishing the note. I don't know how I knew, he had his armour on which was covering his face I think, I just knew he was sad. I tried reading it upside down and savitar warned to kill me if I read it. I still tried to anyways and it turns out, savitar likes iris.. But she didn't like him back. So he ended up killing her, and he always somewhat regretted it, but still does it. He got me to hold his note for him and took me into this room, I had to do something to open this portal, or wormhole, or black hole, God knows what it was. There was more, but my good memory skills can't remember, nevertheless, good dream, who knows.. Maybe this backstory comes true tonight on the latest episode of the flash! Wednesday's at 9:30pm im not sponsored