My First Flight

Date: 6/2/2017

By YogeshRaja

Me and My Dad Were Getting Ready For A Flight To Nowhere. We Were In A Marriage Function of two Strangers. We Travelled To The Airport Without Knowing. The Airport was in inside a Village. The Ticket Price Was Rs.2100 For Up and Down. The Airport Was Full Of My Relatives Friends And Strangers. I Saw My Girlfriend There But With different Name. There I Saw a strange Creature Which Was In Green liquid State. The creature Was So intelligent. It Answered My questions and showed Emotions. In The plane There Was A Old Man Who Was Drunken. I Never seen Him. But I Talked To Him like well known. My Friend Asked Me To Take Pictures. I Searched My Bag. But I Brought My School Bag There. So I Asked My Dad's Phone. And I Forgot How To Open Camera. The Flight Was Ready To TakeOff. There Were No Seat Belts. But There Were Belts For Foot. When The Flight Rolls I Woke Up . I Missed My First Flight😂