hypnotize, government, Jesus, flying, portals

Date: 1/30/2017

By tonton

Everyone was sitting down in the auditorium, in a sort of a trans and the people couldn't control themselves. They were just staring at the screen. Everyone was there, every celebrity, every person I knew. When the "hyponotizing" started to play, I fainted and stood back up and for some reason I stood up and walked out the theater but than I came back and saw my mother, father and sister sitting in the front. I grabbed them, but they were so focused on the screen, so I had to pushed them out. Than we went to the lobby of theater. For some reason we had to sign our names to make sure we said we didn't want to be part of this.. The guards started to be suspicious. And started to yell at us, not to let us go. We were so trying to sign our name quickly to get out. the soldiers started to notice so we made a run for it. There was a big white door, and when you open that door there's nothing but whiteness . The people that were chasing us looked like normal people but Hypnotized. There were some dressed like soldiers but it was a mix of the two. And while we were running towards the door, they asked my father, if he was the son of someone. Than they asked me the same thing. So my father, mother, sister and I jumped through the door. We started flying, we held each others hands.. The sky was blue, white puffy clouds, beautiful day. I started to see angels wearing white garments flying together.. There was one angle that I saw flying with a group of angels, he was a little bigger and his wings were longer and skinnier. His hair was short but frizzle. He was a red head. It was definitely a male.. As we were flying, I saw what looked like a big , tall statue but very realistic Jesus floating in mid air. He was huge, bigger than the statue of Jesus in Brazil. He was holding the bible. The bible was glowing with gold lines that were moving and pulsating like a heart beat on the cover of the book. When I saw him, I said and heard at the same time " in the beginning was the word, and the word was with god and the word was god" I said that because I was surprise, amazed, scared in a powerful way . I felt happy and content. As I was looking at Jesus in the sky and the bible he was holding, I found myself spontaneously sitting next to my mother in a car driving away........