Hot Pepper Eating

Date: 8/26/2017

By StevensSC1

So I was in this sketchy gas station where the cashier had a suitcase with a whole bunch of the hottest peppers in the world. He was holding a contest where whoever could eat the most peppers would win $10,000. It started off with pretty mild peppers then got more intense the further you went. Finally, it was down to the last 2 which was Justin and I. He ended up being like 5 peppers infront of me. I proposed to him a deal where we can both split the money since we both knew each other and were friends. He then denied my offer cause he said he wanted all of the money. I told him that I was going to eat the peppers, its not like I was about to quit. But he insisted that he wanted to take all the money. As I was eating what was said to be the worst of the peppers (It happened to be large-mushy-blue squash shaped) my dad arived. So I ended up leaving with him, not even worrying about the money.