First day of School

Date: 8/16/2017

By midnightsun0706

**The night of August 14 I arrive at school and am greeted by old friends and an ex crush of mine. Mind you, he basically broke my heart. However he kept begging me to go somewhere with him and when I tried to walk away he finally convinced me to go with him. I would also like to add I'm 13 at this point but my dream is set where we can drive. Also, this "ex crush" (Kyle) doesn't look like him that much but I subconsciously knew it was him? I don't know. So anyway I go with him and we drive away and we end up in the parking lot of a Walmart? And we kisses me and we fall in love blah blah blah. We go back to he school where there happens to be a pool in the front yard? Which my demon French teacher is standing next to a new French teacher who seems to be an evil demon also. But anyway that's not that important. But then I see my old friend Aaron there and he's all upset that me and Kyle are together even though I gave him a chance and he wanted nothing to do with me. *And I don't know if I'm starting to like this Kyle guy again irl or not because I've kind of gotten over him but he's one of the first guys to really hurt me and I just don't know.