Date: 5/29/2019

By smylx

We were in some white room with panelled doors which would only let a group in at a time. We went in and there was a pond filled with grass weeds that came up high. If you looked carefully into the water you could see the body of a stretched tiger underneath the water - it wasn’t moving. It was dark and murky. All of a sudden the lights began to go out one by one and the two still tigers in the water began to roar and started to come to life. As the lights were flickering we were panicking as we tried to escape the room, banging on the walls. We could hear the tigers coming up from the water and they were huge. We were scrambling for side to side looking for an exit on one of the white walls. In this room there was a corridor leading to a wall. I ran down there and supposedly there was a screen on the wall that i managed to hack. I did something and I managed to free our group from the tigers before they got to us. (Dream skips to the continuation of some other dream I had) I was running down some grand temple hallway with three other people each holding a magical orb and a usb. We were hackers trying to break some system without getting caught. We ran to some control room where the brain of the system was some huge orb. With limited time we grabbed the laptop connected to it and put the usb in. Within a second the light flashed and all around us we were surrounded by mythical people who wanted to capture us and eye us. We had to be sneaky with how we would download the orb virus into the brain whilst pretending that we were on their side. They were watching our every move on the computer and if we tried anything we would definitely get caught.