Crocodile at Arden Pool

Date: 7/16/2017

By pheeniealexandra

In the deep end of the arden pool with hannah gray, Mariel, and two blonde boys that I apparently always forgot their names. So I had a leg floaty and we were talking and chillin and then someone mentioned the ten foot alligator at the bottom of the pool that was like an extra lifeguard but instead of saving you it ate you if you don't follow the rules. So I was kinda twirling in place with my one leg and I stopped and realized I had agitated the crocodile a decent amount. It was noticing us and it scared me. So in pure panic I swam as fast as I could from the deep end straight to the wall on the other side to the left of the lifeguard stand. I struggled to get out of the pool with my weak arms in addition to having weird flotation devices on, but I was fueled by adrenaline. And hannah had swam calmly behind me so she could help. The lifeguard hopped down and started timing the crocodile's time it took to get out of the pool and on to the deck. It was less than ten seconds and I was just trying to get as fast and far away from it as I could. The ten second rule deemed if it was safe and it definitely wasn't. Bc the crocodile could get out of the pool in less than ten seconds if couldn't be stopped from eating people. The lifeguard eventually hit the crocodile back into the pool. And hannah helped me and then I woke up.