Spock and I go to Pride

Date: 6/30/2019

By ailehpo

I had a dream I was at school (I thought I was done with that shit smh) and they were celebrating pride month and me and spock from Star Trek were there and we were walking and in front of the cafeteria there was a pile of a bunch of little pride flags you could take for free. I got a bi flag(?) and a greyromantic(?) flag (is that even a thing) and Mr. Martin the math teacher and one of the lunch ladies was there and they were like wtf does that represent. I was like oh it’s greyromantic cause I can’t experience love but im still holding on to some semblance of hope so I can’t go full aromantic and they were like damn bitch you live like this. Then I gave spock a gay flag or something I can’t remember and he was like thanks but I’ll give this to jim instead. And that one guy Cato was also sitting there and he was like “I want a flag too but they probably don’t have mine” and I was like “well they had greyromantic which is pretty out there what’s yours” and they were like “dumb bitch pride flag” so I found a dumb bitch pride flag which was like red and black and blue and handed it to him. And then I woke up. And I actually looked up “dumb bitch pride flag” and you know what, it exists. And you know what it looks like? RED BLACK AND BLUE.